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Before you can Earn You need to Learn

Social Media Sales Funnels = Bank

NeU Math


The Power of +1

The Momenteum and the Power of +1. It's a WE Thing! Start now.

Invest in yoUrself, by buying proven knowledge and a road map to get started on yoUr NeU Life. Join others that decided to make more money easier, and faster, than strUggling alone. Engage with us for consulting services.


    We are a real knowledgebase of action.


       U Gain MomentUm, Traction, Start Selling!


Stop at anytime. You have a turn-key consulting style solution to selling on Amazon and yoUr own Online store.                        


Create your NeU Life business plan using our proven methods. Get help, training and insider knowledge for a faster and more successful business on Amazon and other places.






 Knowledge is the key to success!
We can get you selling!
      Consulting you can afford.      Services that deliver. 

1st Lesson:

Compare & Contrast Cows and Amazon

1) Both are going to step on you at some point.

2) Cows don't love you...Amazon does

3) Both will not let you go on vacation without  

     worrying about your business.

4) A cows business comes out one end. Not good.

5) The business that comes out of Amazon All good!

                                                   Member Russ Hanson,

                                                    Former Dairy Farmer